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* Jason Figgis and John West, director and co-producer of the film documentary, Colin Wilson: his life and work.

'Man has no alternative but eventually to become responsible for the whole universe'

Colin Wilson, Mysteries, 1978

A new six-part film documentary about the life and works of Colin Wilson was premiered during the third International Colin Wilson Conference in Nottingham, UK, on September 3, 2023.

    Director Jason Figgis and co-producer John West hope to get a TV network interested in screening the documentary, and say a DVD/Blu-ray release is also a possibility. There are also two further stand-alone episodes featuring admirers of Wilson's work, including Gary Lachman and Uri Geller.

    Although only about a third of a £20,000 crowdfunding target was achieved for the documentary it was able to go ahead thanks to a 'private investor' who came forward to make up the shortfall.

    John is an admirer of Wilson’s work, while Jason knew Wilson and once had plans to work with him on a series with Uri Geller. Jason said: 'It's a great honour to present the first episode of our six-part series. It's been a great journey of rediscovery, delving into every aspect of this fascinating cultural figure's life and work. His body of work is astounding, and his philosophies are a great practical help to any inquiring mind.'

    Jason and John have aimed at a 'comprehensive history' of Wilson’s life, from his early days as a disaffected teenager to the success of The Outsider and Wilson’s unexpected celebrity, to his later career as a leading philosopher of consciousness and his last days as a grand old man of English letters.

    John said: 'I'm very proud both to have written material for the series and acted as one of the producers. I've been an admirer of Colin's work since I was a teenager and I'm very happy that the series is ready to be shown to the public for the first time. It's our hope that it will bring an appreciation of Colin's work to a whole new generation.'

    See News page for promotional video.

New Wilson documentary gets first screening at UK conference
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